Anand Arungundram Mohan

Anand was born in Chennai, the southern most part of India. The city was always bustling with life. He grew up in a joint family system where the family head was his grandfather.
Anand loved dogs and had a couple of them while growing up. Mickey and Julie were their names. Mickey was always the spirited one, barking at anything and everything that moved. Julie was a calm and dignified dog. If eyes could convey love, and they definitely could, Julie's eyes would have been overflowing with it.
Anand belonged to a gang of children who shared his passion for animals. The whole jing-bang would arrive to feed the dogs and see them leap as they grabbed their bread.
Being a marathon runner and a city level cricket player in a crowded community, he was a physically fit and agile athlete. Yet, he had a side where he preferred libraries to playgrounds. Badminton was his favorite sport, however, he did not pursue it in a professional level.
His father was an instant-fiction-manufacturer and his mother was a nighttime story reader. They influenced and helped with his creativity. The real push, at the end of it all, came from his sister. She was persuading him to write and also apply for scholarships with reputed institutions.
Anand had moved from city to city when his education and career life were at its peak. He would have travelled to over 10 cities in a span of 12 years. Settling down in Vancouver, Canada was the best choice he made. He felt at home in British Columbia from day one.
The Vancouver Public Library was his shrine, and the books were the revered priests, passing on the wisdom to those worthy to recieve them. The only other library he had visited, which was as impressive was the Anna Centenary Library in Chennai, India.
All that Anand wants to let his reader know is for them to have fun imagining what it could be like to be a part of the author-made world. Any mis-communication will always be addressed with respect and sensitivity as he experiments with the grey area of life.