It is 13th of June 2020  – I just enrolled in a program that teaches about aptitude and attitude towards how you approach work. I believe there was lots to learn, but the main idea was to train your mind to absorb information that was needed for your particular profession alone.It's called as the train your brain formula, and it's pretty effective. Try this – tell yourself each day for the next three days – writing is easy. It is so easy. Your brain will make it so.

It is April 2, 2020 and I want you to check this link out If you're a writer-

31st of March 2020,, and I looked at my favourite source of inspiration  –;
The number of books over here is staggering. Good quality content for no cost. Definitely the website to look at.This is where I come to do my research, I'll learn something new.

It's 28th of March 2020, and I want to talk to you about
An excellent platform to be involved in, if you're a writer. Go check it out, and see if you can benefit from it. Best part is it's free.

It's 27th of March 2020 and I'm starting my blog for the first time. I'm using Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional15 along with Nuance PowerMic three to dictate this post.
I will share some of my secrets that I have learned, and shortcuts that I have perfected here. Please be sure to keep checking in regularly for more information. Thank you.